About Shadow and Shads


shads' would just up and go AWOL for days upon days he tosses the cell phones and goes missing off social media, it used to be something we used to worry about but now shads' just says bye and we leave him to it 


Shadow spent a lot of time coping with the hand he was dealt to get though hard days he wrote poems/verses. He spent a lot of time away which ruined his school life, friends, and lovers. His real name is only known to a few but we call him shadow. He spent a lot of time trying to stay on top of certain things and when it all collapsed he did turn to drink but didn’t like the after effects (hangovers and dry mouth, unable to eat the next day we have all been there right?)

People say he has no idea about hard well we can say he knows all about hard (in fact he dated hard for 5 years and had 3 kids with it)

Shadow personally wrote all the poems on this website. He is his own worst critic at times. 

Shadow won’t write any personal verses for any one (unless you are one of the following, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, charli-xcx, demi lovato, Hayden Panettiere, Rita ora,  or Taylor Momsen) so please don’t ask

He will sign autographs so please request one via our contact page

Shadow has been though hell and back we aren’t allowed to say what or why. He wrote verses based on mood he wrote a few poems/verse which he put out to people but never got what he was after at the age of 26 he had wrote over a 100 verses and plans not to stop. Certain people have said a few things about him which we wish to clear up.

His favourite colour is black; he has ten tattoos and 4 ear rings. He lives alone and enjoys time with certain people he spends time with family to which he asks everyone to leave them alone if you want fan mail answered then see the contact page,  he does always wear sunglasses we don’t know why. When things got really bad for shadow he decided things would have to change.

So as you read some of theses verses you may see them wrote by “shads’ “ shads’ is a part of shadows group and in all rights an artist too. In fact a lot of the drawings were done because of shads’. To which only a few are ever allowed to know who shads’ really is

Shads’ can be dark but during hard times shads’ seemed to have all the answers

We hope after reading all of this you will love shadow as much as we do.  He has wrote a book to which he is working on getting published

We would like to answer any thing you might want to ask.

Please do not ask for personal verses as we said he won’t write them for no one.

Shadow is just an artist who just feels the need to get things out. He does support certain charities’ close to his heart.


Shads’ is a different type of artiest in so many different ways, his style is unique it’s something people will question later on in life.

At the age of 16 he quit art class after the teacher told him he wasn’t going to be put though for the art GCSE. Shads’ hated the fact that he spent so long working on the gcse only to have his time wasted he thought the work could have been put forward to other gcses. He walked out of school and never went back after this.

Shads’ has a skill which can make you think he can say something as a joke and mean it.

A lot of people asked shadow why work with shads’ to which he said “if shads’ told me he had the answers I would have believe him”

Some of the works and quotes you read on the site are done by shads’ upon asking why write that way he said why not.  They built noemergencyexit to publish their   works so other can read  and maybe enjoy them

He don’t like people saying they know anything on him to which they don’t he real name is unknown, he age is believed to be between 25-30 years of age he has many tattoos and different ways with things.

He won’t be in any public meetings as he likes to spend time alone working on projects. He won’t sign autographs or anything and we wish you don’t ask for them from him in a very very very rare circumstance he might be willing to sign one but we ask you that you don't ask as he might just say no.

He is selling one of kind shads’ painting's (check our Paintings & sales page  for more info or sales)  Shads' has said about the money 35% will be giving to charity of his choosing.

We asked him something in passing
“Why do you feel as if your all alone in the world?” To which he said back to us  “End of the day you just are all alone in the word”

He helped shadow though a lot of bad times and said it was hard to watch your family suffering when you knew the only answer was something dark.

He’s quotes are dark and we do know that but he feels as if,

"if you’re all the same then you won’t evolve"

He is from Centralia, Pennsylvania, (it’s a real place not taken from a video game) he left there at the age of 7 and came to England. He’s home address is not known and he wishes for anyone who sees him to leave him alone.

He enjoys trips to Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) He had plans to buy aokigahara forest he’s awaiting for the government to give him an answer
If you were to ask about Shads’ we wouldn’t be able to tell you much as he keeps himself to himself he works alone and when he does work with shadow they create something more then magic as he says. We do ask you don’t message the website for something to do with shads’ as he wont reply

we hope after reading this you will come to love both Shadow and Shads'