Noemergencyexit APP

Our Noemergencyexit app's have been launched we have both apps on android and apple so go to your market place and download our new app

Our apple version iOS app is only on iPhones/iPod touches at this moment in time we are working on other apple devices so please bare with us

many thanks

In Heaven Through Hell Book 1 

Our newest work In Heaven Through Hell Book 1 has been wrote and printed if you would like a copy please head to our sales page the asking price is £7 with 30% of sales going to charity if you would like more info please ask us 

We have launched a new twiiter account for book lovers the address is @Noemergencyexi1 if you enjoy reading then come join us 


please check back for any information on certain things etc book tour dates 

In Heaven Through Hell Book 2 

Shads' has wrote book two in the In Heaven Through Hell series 

we are waiting to get it printed we don't know if we will do a digital copy of any of our books as there is alot of work to before hand.