shads' would just up and go AWOL for days upon days he tosses the cell phones and goes missing off social media, it used to be something we used to worry about but now shads' just says bye and we leave him to it 


please check back for any information on certain things etc book tour dates 

Cooking With Shads' VOL:1

We have got Cooking With Shads' : Vol 1 if you wish for a signed copy we might not be able to but maybe under certain circumstances we might be able to sort something out. its priced at £7.00 free UK only shipping if you want it shipped out of the UK you will have to get in touch. 30% of the sale will be giving to charity of the guys pick. 

Many thanks

Everyone @ noemergencyexit

Noemergencyexit APP

Our Noemergencyexit app's have been launched we have both apps on android and apple so go to your market place and download our new app

Our apple version iOS app is only on iPhones/iPod touches at this moment in time we are working on other apple devices so please bare with us

many thanks