The artist drawings

both by Shadow And Shads' 

The guys  can do custom designs for things,  if you want something created please let them know and we will see what we can do 

we will need to take a non refundable deposit of between 10% to 30% on price of job but we will take the deposit out of the final price. If we've worked with you before you get 10% discount for returning to us, also if you are referred to by someone we've worked with before they get 15% of the next job and you get 15% off the job (one time only you will get the 15% of current job but will still get 10% for returning to us)

We can't really tell you how much a job will cost so please bare this mind. We will try to keep in time frame as best as we can but things happen and time goes out the window. But if your interested in hiring  noemergencyexit for an art project please get in touch  

The guys DON'T want people wasting they're time so don't say yeah we want work done but then pull out WE reserve the right to refuse service to anyone​ and we will us this right to FULL extent

The guys support certain charities (DO NOT MESSAGE THEM TO SUPPORT YOURS AS IT WILL A FIRM NO ) they will give up between 10% to 35% off the job price to such charity of they're chosen 

Many thanks