Please note we use very offensive language on this page to which some might not like. 

this is just a page full of things we couldn't find a place for.

Some thing we asked Shads' in passing

Whats my thoughts on William Shakespeare? I think he was a genius with words when i was in school i loved the Scottish play. 

Whats my thoughts on Stephen king? The man is a genius i love all the books he wrote he was... no is the current master of horror he's books give me a good scare and i love horror films, TV shows, and anything that give's me a good scare. I would love to shake the mans hand and thank him for all the good books he wrote 

This below is a scan of shadows masterpiece 

Beautiful nightmare

the scan was bad but the meaning was good 


This might be our new logo we are testing it out on our social media sides if you like it let us know 


To the People who want to know where shadow and shads' buy they're sunglasses this is an inside secret only shadow and shads' knows this info so please don't ask as the guys wont tell 


Shads' was born and raised centralia pennsylvania united states, he said "its a lovely town the folks are nice and the air is toxic whats not to love?" We couldn't answer that 

He enjoys trips to Isla de las Muñecas which in english translate into island of the dolls Shads' said this "its a wonderful place i enjoy rum and cokes on the beach and the kids well theres no kids for miles" 

Shads' last known home address was Aokigahara 青木ヶ原 Shads' didn't have much to say other then "Do not knock on my f##king door!!" 

To all our fans and Supporters

We all want to thank the supporters of our website and company we couldn’t have gotten this far without you all.  we are so grateful for all the support and all the love and we wish you all the best and don’t worry guys we aren’t going nowhere and we promise once we hit 1,000,000 hits on our website everyone who has played a part will be coming to our noemergencyexit party only those who support will be able to come many thanks from us all here @ noemergencyexit and a big thanks from Shadow & Shads’

Thank you very much for all the support

Your truly and truth

Everyone @ noemergencyexit

Shadow & Shads' were asked about tattoos they each have and we have put this up so you can see for your self on how many they each have and what they are off (we are trying for photos so please bare with us) (we are also taking time to sort this part out so please bare with us)


1. a ying and yang tattoo on right forearm

2. a gray and black outlined  crucifix on left fore arm.

3. a black dragon tattoo on lower left arm 

4. an eye of horus on lower right forearm 

5. a black clover on lower right arm 

6. Psalm 23:4 above wrist on left arm 

7. leader in arabic on upper right arm 

8. a black scorpion on right calf leg 

9. Angel tattoo on left bicep (the only tattoo in to be in color

10. only god forgives on a cross on right bicep

Shads' tattoos

1. a moon covering sun tattoo on right forearm 

2. ego me ipsum iudico on lower right arm (translate into I only judge myself)

3. a phoenix tattoo on right shoulder blade 

4. one crucifix on lower left forearm 

5. one crucifix  on right side of chest 

6. non ignoscit, on right wrist (wouldn't say what it means)

7. The number 13 on left hand

8. one crucifix on right hand